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"Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received."

1 Peter 4:10

The history of Saint Mark's Lutheran Church began with a small band of women, yearning for a Lutheran Ladies Aid in the Randolph community. Eleven ladies, most of them humbly unnamed, sought help from what was then, the Home Mission Department of the Lutheran Church. The Mission Board sent Rev. Alexander Thompson, who became Saint Mark's first official pastor. 

On April 30, 1945, Rev. Thompson, Mrs. Charlotte Pressnall, Mrs. Ella Felton, Ms. Maggie Brown, Mrs. Oneva Helgerson, and Mrs. Marie Childs and daughter Karen, met at the Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Peter's home to officially establish a Ladies Aid.

The second meeting was held at Marie Child's home where talk began of starting a church. The third meeting was at Mrs. Mildred Lind's home with a picnic lunch and temporary officers were elected. The President was Olga Peter; Secretary was Marie Childs; and Treasurer was Oneva Helgerson.

The first official worship service was decided to be held at the Randolph Fire Hall on May 20, 1945, which was also Pentecost Sunday.


The Charter members were:

Mrs. Caroline Becker                 George Becker                              Miss Sophie Becker

Ms. Maggie Brown                     Mrs. Marie Childs                         Mr. & Mrs. Otto Helgerson

Mrs. Mary Lind                          Mr. & Mrs. Louis Mortenson       Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Peter

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Pflaum        Mr. Julius Spillman                       Mr. & Mrs. Claude Whitson

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Winchell

After a few crowded services, worship was moved to the Randolph Public School. Later, Saint Mark's purchased the original school house in Randolph and renovated the structure. The building was used until 2002, at which time, it was sold back to the School District. The building was later replaced by two houses that students built.

In June of 2002, Saint Mark's moved to Tom and Pat Otte's barn for services, while the current church building was being built. The last service in the barn was the Sunday before Christmas during the children's Christmas Program. Saint Mark's held its first service in the new building on Christmas Eve 2002. 

This is a brief history of our church and where we have been. 

For a better understanding of who we are, 

we invite you to come see for yourself.

Come join us on a Sunday.

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